Boem Club is the first music club in Bucharest to offer music classes for all ages and any level, to all those who want to learn how sing or to play an instrument.
Boem Club was established in the year 2009, out of the desire of offering to all music lovers the possibility to learn how sing or to play an instrument in a friendly and organized environment, in a civilized, clean, warm and pleasant setting.
The Boem Club team is a young team, made out of professionals who address themselves to all students and music lovers with the same goodwill, patience, responsibility and respect.

What do our students say about us?

“I express my satisfaction and gratitude for the wonderful team from Boem Club with great joy. Wonderful people, family like atmosphere, encouraging smiles and unconditioned kindness – this would be a brief description of the environment in which you arrive when you enter the doors of Boem Club. The best barometer for me and my daughter, Karina, age 12, who from the first day loved these people (all these people-I couldn’t name them), so that I had to convince her (after 5 hours) that it was time to go home. As it is well known, where there is an adequate setting the progress comes along. I say it with great honesty- for us, the fact that we got into this family is a big win and I thank you for this”.


“I was very impressed by the show “Winter Story”, to be honest. I grew fond of the place and the atmosphere and it has been a great pleasure for me to participate at the two concerts at which I was. Strictly speaking of the classes which I attend (canto), these take place professionally in a very pleasant environment. As a conclusion, I recommend Boem Club to anyone who wants not only to take music lessons, but also to live the atmosphere of a musician. Keep up the good work, I wish you success and don’t ever give up doing things with your heart.”


“I found at Boem Club what I had hoped. The music is in a warm atmosphere, close to the children, but a professional one. The young teachers are the ones who make the children want to come back again. At least this happened to us. At the beginning it was my idea, now my little girl comes because she wants. The rest is up to the diligence and the talent of each. But of course, these special classes will always remain in our soul. This is what I want. Thank you, Boem Club and thank you, Nora!


“I believe that Boem Club is an authentic school of music, with dedicated and very patient teachers. I am very satisfied with my daughter’s performances at the piano. The merit is granted to the teacher as well who, besides being talented, proved to be dedicated and very patient. My daughter waits impatient for the piano classes especially for meeting her teacher. Generally speaking, in respect to the Boem Club school staff I can only congratulate the managers for what they have chosen”.